Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not so Usual anymore

What is going on in the mainstream media is beginning to frighten me. Why is President Barack Hussein Obama worried about conservative talk radio? What is he so afraid of? Why does CNN and other reporters have biased news reporters? The basic teachings in Mass Communications and reporting is to present unbiased information. It is the job of individual talk shows like Laura Ingrahm, Gingrich, Linbaugh So why are reporters presenting biased news and why would talk radio hosts be challenged to present unbiased accounts or be forced to give equal time to both sides of the political spectrum. Talk about upside down.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Venting 101

It's the same story everywhere. I like to call it the pyramid scheme. The person at the top makes the most money while the people at the bottom make the least. I am sickened by this greed. Self destruction is inevitable. The CEO's testifying in congress are a joke. They don't deserve a dime. Let them fail. Don't listen to all the scare tactics. The auto industries are so far behind it would be like putting a quarter size stopper in the sinking Titanic. Call the Wambulance. We are in deep and we will continue to sink as all the you know what will hit the fan. The truth always comes out and these greedy bastards are exposed. The auto industries stopped listening to their consumers. They are arrogant. They failed because of their own stupidity. Can you even imagine the CEO's begging for a bail out after all their profits. They were laying off people and closing factories left and right so they could increase their bottom line. Who helped all those displaced workers? Now after all the profits have been made and their bread and butter maker has fallen apart due to over use and abuse they have the audacity to go to congress in their private jets and beg for a handout. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How about a pay cut boys? I just want to PUKE!!!!

They say this is a, "serious, serious, problem". What about all the people who have lost their homes and jobs? It's only serious when it starts to effect the lifestyle of these corporate fat cats. Now all of a sudden we are hearing about it only when the money machine has finally run out of ink. How will these CEO's ever maintain their lifestyles? Utterly, utterly disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Will it ever come for Wall Street?

Bail out in understandable terms.

Rep. Paul Kanjorski says it well. "The country is sick". The economic crisis is like an infectious disease that will continue to spread until it effects everyone.

So was does that mean? Here is an example.

If General Motors funds dry up and sales can't cover the costs, they can no longer get the backup credit they need when payday comes to cover employee salaries. So when John Smith goes to the grocery store and uses his card at the register, it wont work because his paycheck never made it to his account. Because he doesn't have any money he can't buy goods. He can't pay his mortgage, utility bills, insurance, etc. This starts the ball rolling and doesn't stop unless there is some form of intervention.

Currently there's 14 Trillion dollars in mortgage money out there. 5% is 700 Billion. That's where this figure comes from. I am not convinced this amount will even help the economy. It's like laying a brick down where there really needs to be a dam. Believe me, Wall Street really did it this time and they know it!

If there is a government "intervention" it should not be put back in the same hands that screwed everything up in the first place. I say give the money to the people and let the geniuses at Wall Street come up with a way to dig themselves out of this mess. I know they can reinvest some of the millions they made in profits. When you walk away with 90 million dollars in profits whats a couple million going to hurt?

The money needs to go to the people to stay in their homes. For example, homeowners whose mortage payment was $1,500 a month before their loan arm kicked in are now paying $4,500 a month. There is no way they could ever afford to make this kind of mortgage payment. The bank knew that when they gave them the loan in the first place. But they don't care because by that time the subprimes have been bundled up and sold several times since then and nobody knows who's got it. So, back to the homeowner, they default on the loan, loose their house, and are out on the street. We need to reset the loans with the sky high interest rates back to a workable level thus keeping these folks in their homes paying into the system the original amount of $1,500. The money all these homeowners are sending back to the banks are in the system and keeping the economy flowing. So whats wrong with that? The problem is, the guy holding the bad debt gets screwed. We can't have that so how do we make sure the rich keeps getting richer and maintains their elaborate lifestyle? The government bails them out with our tax dollars that will amount to 500 Trillion when all is said and done and the taxpayer will get nothing except increased taxes, bills, inflation, etc.

Welcome to the land of Capitolism where we privatize profit and socialize debt repayment!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bail out

The more I dig the scarier it gets. This is a tough election. I can't figure out who is worse. Can our country survive another 4 years under red rule? Are the blue any better?
It is sickening to find out how much profit corporate execs slipped out the back door with over the housing and credit crisis.
Frank Raines the former chairman and chief executive officer of Fannie Mae served as White House budget director under President Bill Clinton. There are allegations that Mr. Raines is an advisor to Barack Obama. Obama is the 3rd highest recipient of contributions from Fannie Mae of any American politician, receiving over $105,000 in a single year. The Washington Post reported Raines received calls from the Obama campaign seeking advise about mortgages and the housing market. Raines made millions then snuck out the back door of Fannie Mae while it was under investigation for "accounting irregularities". Both Raines and the Obama Campaign claim that Raines is not an Obama advisor and has never advised Senator Obama. Why the denial?

Countrywide is somehow involved in all of this. FoA or Friends of Mozilo gave preferential
treatment to "certain borrowers" guess whose name comes up? Raines.

If you have the stomach to handle it, there are so many examples of criminal activity by these big financial institutions. For example, the injustices Countrywide unloaded on its borrowers and the American public is truly criminal. It extends beyond anything this country has ever seen. Just look around the internet and read about all the criminal acts carried out by these financial giants.

Countrywide is accused of purposely posting payments after the due date to charge late fees. This is the least of what they have been accused of. If you want to see just some of the complaints about Countrywide start here.

The corruption in Washington and Wall Street over the almighty dollar has caused our potential collapse. It is disgusting!!!!!!!!

Lovin' Rep. paul Kanjorski on C-Span right now. He is the first to ask Paulson (treasury secretary) to speak English regarding this whole "crisis" in the economy. Everyday people would like to know what the heck is going on? How dire is it? What does it mean?

The Usual Suspects

It is unacceptable to allow the financial giants to continuously come up with schemes to make millions and quite possibly trillions of dollars and then sneak out the back doors with their pockets stuffed with cash leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces. These geniuses, after playing CEO musical chairs, are probably already working on their next billion dollar plan.

Where is the accountability? While some of the blame rests in the hands of the loan seekers most of it lies in the hands of the financial institutions who packaged up convenient little loans in pretty ribbons by pushy salespeople trying to meet a quota. They specialized in assuring the subprime borrower they could refinance once the arm kicked in. Don't be fooled. Those pushy sales folks were motivated by money and that trail can be followed all the way to the top. The next guy packed up all those risky little loans in pretty packages and sold them to the next guy who sold them to the next guy. So the one holding the pretty package at the end finds out that what's inside is actually a bomb thats ready to explode. Unfortunately the only keyholders are the feds who can write blank checks with our tax dollars.

When do we decide it is unacceptable for these companies to "privatize profit while socializing losses"? We should be mad! Pun intended.