Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The OIC or the 57 nations of Islam

Obama's Freudian Slip, you decide

If you look hard enough at anyone you can find blunders. BUT, I find the president's blunder particularly disturbing. As the President of these United States, knowing how many states there are is very important. If I tell myself he just threw out the first thing that came to mind one has to assume one of two things. When giving speeches without a teleprompter and when finding himself lost he either throws out fictitious numbers or he blurts whatever comes to mind first. A President that knows how many states there are in the country he is representing is an important fact and one which shouldn't be difficult to remember. When caught in a moment of forgetfulness what comes to mind first leads me to the most frightening thought. I can't help but to come back to my nagging fear and suspicion. Is Obama really who he says he is? I want him to be for the sake of our country but that nagging sixth sense won't let it go. When I hear stuff like this it scares me. Is he trying to destroy our country from within. Tear down our political structure? Does he want to look like mister nice guy off domestic soil and proclaim it to the world so we don't get suspicious when he's meeting with our enemies? Why aren't many American's questioning his tactics? Why the blinders? What if, just what if the nagging suspicions are true? Wake up America we are losing our Country!

"The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organization with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. It groups 57 nations, most of which are Islamic, from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkan, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America."


Some other statements that bother me

Claims "I did NOT know ACORN was getting Federal money"?
Claims "All new spending in his economic plan was self funding"?
Claims "Irans NOT a threat"?
Claims "ONLY 5% of Americans would see a TAX INCREASE"?
Claims "I want an open debate on the issues"?
Claims "I want Americans to decide on the issues"?
Claims "unemployment will NOT rise above 8%"?
Claims "I will NOT sign any bill that contains earmarks"?
Claims "I will NOT use bitter partisan rhetoric"?

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