Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Venting 101

It's the same story everywhere. I like to call it the pyramid scheme. The person at the top makes the most money while the people at the bottom make the least. I am sickened by this greed. Self destruction is inevitable. The CEO's testifying in congress are a joke. They don't deserve a dime. Let them fail. Don't listen to all the scare tactics. The auto industries are so far behind it would be like putting a quarter size stopper in the sinking Titanic. Call the Wambulance. We are in deep and we will continue to sink as all the you know what will hit the fan. The truth always comes out and these greedy bastards are exposed. The auto industries stopped listening to their consumers. They are arrogant. They failed because of their own stupidity. Can you even imagine the CEO's begging for a bail out after all their profits. They were laying off people and closing factories left and right so they could increase their bottom line. Who helped all those displaced workers? Now after all the profits have been made and their bread and butter maker has fallen apart due to over use and abuse they have the audacity to go to congress in their private jets and beg for a handout. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How about a pay cut boys? I just want to PUKE!!!!


They say this is a, "serious, serious, problem". What about all the people who have lost their homes and jobs? It's only serious when it starts to effect the lifestyle of these corporate fat cats. Now all of a sudden we are hearing about it only when the money machine has finally run out of ink. How will these CEO's ever maintain their lifestyles? Utterly, utterly disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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